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My name is Igor Kalinin, I live and work in the south of the former Soviet republic of Ukraine (Odessa and the Crimea). Born in 1972, I am married now with one child. I studied in Odessa State University majoring in physics but my excellent English skills proved to generate more income than science so far. I started working as a translator in 1998 when I worked for an international exhibition company. Since 1999 I have been basically working as a freelance translator, although I have had some regular jobs and I have been part of Stirlitz Translation Agency since 2004. I have a few translator partners in Russia and Ukraine who can take over if I am not available or cannot tackle a job for other reasons, and proof-read my translations to ensure high quality.

Although I basically studied English on my own (you can read about my experience in my personal web site) I finished Odessa State School of Foreign Languages in 1999 and got all A marks in English after going through all 4 semesters in one. My vocabulary is over 11,000 basic English words (without borrowed and international ones) and many more derivatives and expressions. Besides English I can speak some German.

My English School CertificateMy English School Certificate (click to enlarge)

Half of my work is associated with dating. Since Russian and Ukrainian women are more feminine and family-oriented than most American women, and take good care of themselves to look great, there is a growing demand for so called mail order brides (which is an incorrect term, by the way) in the US. For some reason I often have to translate private letters, phone calls, interpret in person, and do some minor related jobs such as flowers delivery.

This does not mean however that I am a matchmaker (although I am thinking about setting up a dating agency). So far I am just a translator. Also, a substantial part of my work is technical translations which I mainly do for Russian companies and government bodies. Thus, my subject areas include computers and IT, software & web sites localization, general engineering and industry, machinery, construction, oil and gas, physics, chemistry, radiology, contracts. Due to my educational background I am able to deliver adequate translation of such documents.

Also, I have been lately getting more work as a travel guide taking care of accommodation, transportation, etc.. For travel related questions and interpreting, please refer to my other web site: UkraineGuide.IgorKalinin.Com.

You can read my resume and more about me in my private web site www.IgorKalinin.Com. To learn about my services and rates, please go to the next page.

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